Saturday, April 4, 2009

Dejunking is Freeing....Continues

For more years than I would like to count, I have made a New Years resolution to loose weight. For more years than I would like to count, I've not stuck with that resultion. So, this year, I refused to make it yet again just to fail one more time.

I took inventory of things I could do to change the stress in my life. I looked around and realized, "Hey, you have alot of junk in this house."

What is junk? Stuff you do not or have not used in years. Stuff you have but hate to dust. Stuff that is chipped or broken. Stuff that does not fit. Stuff you could live without.

My resolution for this year was to 'rid' my life of 1/2 of all the junk we own, including the ATTIC stash.

Slowly but surely, bit by bit, because I am struggling with a difficult on the job injury, I am chipping away at that resolution. My youngest son, has been a big help. He has done the lifting and the hauling. I do not do anything that I cannot do, which is very different for years of living. I would push myself, working harder than many men. No longer.

I have found that removing stuff that I do not need, is very FREEING. Is that a word?

Anyhow, it is. It's as if I can breathe a bit better. My mind is a bit clearer. Life is calmer. Who would have thought years of stuff could effect a body in such a way? Plus, I am de-junking more than 1/2.

Tonight, my husband and son put what is left, repacked, fewer, and marked, back, into the attic. Most of it was Christmas decorations, which were thinned out and repacked, too! Instead of several truck loads of stuff, we are down to less than a pick up load.

Congratulations to me!!!

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