Sunday, November 30, 2008

Well one holiday down and a couple to go

This year has evaporated. Now, the holidays are blinking by too fast.

All these time saving devices and no time saved.

Time is going by too fast.

When I was a kid, to stop my little red wagon from going, I would stick my foot out and drag the ground. It's a trick only little kids can do. Obviously.

*********UPDATE....11/15/2009....What happened with this? It looks like I quit in mid thought. I might have. I meant to say I wish I could slow down time like I did that little red wagon. Oh well, it's a year later and this post is done. Laughing.

Have you noticed how short the bogs were when I started and how long they are a year later? No comment, please. Ramble ramble ramble. Enjoying it myself.

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