Saturday, November 29, 2008

Silent Scream

Recently, my oldest son and I were discussing different things. The subject of abortion came up.

He asked if I had seen the ultrasound made in the 70s or 80s of an actual abortion.


He then went on to tell me what it is.

There is an actual baby in his Mother's womb, kicking, moving, living. Then the instrument shows up on the screen. The 'doctor' grabs the little leg with the instrument and begins to pull.

On the ultrasound you can actually see the harmless little BABY open it's mouth and SCREAM!!!!!!!!!!!

It is being dissected alive.


Inconvenience? Ignorance? Apathy? Money?


How can a mother kill her own baby?

Just the thought of little babies all over the world being killed is very very hard for me to handle.

Some day 'they' will all be held responsible for such terrible acts. Not by me or by man.

Some day.

Tears for all the lost little ones.


Dinah Soar said...

Horrible isn't it. I honestly believe people are purposefully ignorant of what really happens during an abortion. They don't want to know the details because they couldn't handle the horror. So they stay 'ignorant'. The same thing happened during WWII when the Jews were being systematically killed. Even today there are those who deny it happened.

Pink Bunny Slippers said...

It is very much the same. Babies are more helpless but still it's torture and murder.

I just don't get it.