Sunday, June 14, 2015


It's Sunday and I normally do not blog on weekends.  This morning I got up, readied myself for church and headed out.  I took a new RX on am empty stomach.  Uhoh.  I came home for some stomach meds but didn't work.  I finally came back home and threw up.  It may not be the meds because I've been cold all day.  Yeah, me the hot flash queen, cold!  The Hubbie went to church.  I am home watching TV.
The show that is on now is My 600 LB Life.  It is shocking but inspiring.  Amer's story is on tonight.  She is 23.  The scene now is showing where she is rushed back to the hospital.  She may be having a heart attack.  Her legs are huge and covered in sores. 
I find myself semi-praying for these people.  It's recorded so what is the point, right?  Anyway, I am showing empathy for them.
It's in their hands.  They can change.  They are in charge of the change.  This can inspire anyone!
Don't use excuses anymore.  Do it.  Think I AM! 
I AM.....
in charge
do it
worth the effort
capable of the change!!!
We all have one life.  Don't blow it!  Or don't blow it anymore!!!  Don't waste your life.

Take care of you!


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