Monday, June 22, 2015


Today is a simple easy to do money saving tip(s).  It has to do with soap.  All kinds of soap.

When you get to the end of a bar of soap, it's too thin to bathe with, but too big to trash.  Then do this, take the thin bar and hold it with a new bar.  It will only take a few minutes for the two to melt together when wet while bathing or showering.   It makes the new bar bigger and the old bar part of the new, making it last longer.  You will spend less money, really!

Another soap idea is hand pumped liquid soap.  Use the soap as is until the bottle gets about half empty.  When that happens, fill the bottle with water, shake well.  Instant more soap.  It will not be as thick but it will work just as well.  

Finally, the idea of washing powder soap.  Actually, I quit using the powder years ago and opted to liquid.  Now, about all I use is liquid All for Sensitive skin.  Water can be added to the top when measuring but be careful with this tip.  It doesn't need to be watered down too much.  

Then the possibility of making your own washing powder is a good idea.  I have tried it with my old washer but not with my new stacked pair.  

There is an idea I have yet to try.  It has to do with solid dish washing tablets.  Maybe, just maybe, cutting one in half might be enough to do a load of dirty dishes.  Of course, this will never work with the liquid packets of dish washing soap.

These might work for you and they might not.  Just try them and see.   The hardness or softness of your public water may make a difference.

Save more, use less, is the idea.    Money in your pocket.


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