Tuesday, April 28, 2015


I am a senior citizen.  I don't want to be but it's better than the alternative at this point in my life.  The alternative you say?  Yes being 6 feet under or a lot older.  Not ready to take the next train to Heaven just yet.    So, I'll take what I have and not complain about it.

Senior citizens can be a target for thieves.  Several years ago, I was with a group of older than me ladies.  They were concerned about putting their pocketbooks (yes that's what they called them) in the car while unloading their groceries.  Apparently some had friends who had their pocketbooks stolen right out of their cars. 

We brainstormed for several minutes and came up with these ideas:

1 - use the baby belt in the grocery cart to secure your pocketbook at all times and while you are unloading your groceries

2 - put your pocketbook in the car and secure it with the seat belt

3 - put your pocketbook in the trunk beside you while you are reaching for the groceries

4 - carry a smaller version inside your waist band, not around your neck 

5 - keep all doors locked expect the one you are standing beside

6- invest in a large key ring that fits over your wrist so you will not lock your car without thinking about the keys

There is a video showing a woman with an SUV pumping gas.  Another car pulls beside it, the passenger in the front seat jumps out, quietly opens the passenger door to the SUV, opens the passenger side door which is unlocked, grabs the pocketbook, gets back in the car, drives off and the woman pumping gas never sees the car drive up or away.  Think how much that costs to replace!  Plus the thieves now have all of your personal information, your phone, where you live,  etc. 


So, all of these are safety tips but all of them can save your money!  Maybe your life!

The last suggestion I have is hide your credit cards in your wallet.  Put them behind a library card, or a picture, whatever you have.  Or you can turn them face down, bottom up, so the name of the credit card does not appear where it can be read.

The money tip.....protect your money.  


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