Friday, April 17, 2015


It's the end of the week, well the work week.  It's gray, cooler and raining in Dixie.  I don't mind, I enjoy these temps.  Why?  Because when this is over, it's going to be hot, just plain hot.  

Here are a few ideas to keep your house cooler and save some cash.  Utility bills are ridiculous, aren't they?!

IF you have an attached garage with a stairway to the attic, leave it pulled down about one third of the way.  It will cause an updraft through the attic, out the roof vents, keeping the inside of the house cooler.

Use ceiling fans.  These keep the temps down in the house as well as keeping the walls cooler.  

Use box fans to circulate air throughout the house.  I put one in kitchen when I am cooking, aiming right at me!

Instead of blinds, use the old fashioned pull down shades behind your drapes.  It's amazing how much cooler they can make a room.  

The front of our house faces East.  The back faces West.  I keep the shades pulled down until the sun is over the house then close the ones when the sun is more towards the back.  It helps!  Really!

We open and close the windows that way, too.  Who wants hot air in their house?!

As I've gotten old, I find that if the air is circulating in the house, it seems cooler.  

We leave the AC off as long as we can.  It's all about saving cash!  

I want to get two screen doors, one for the front and one for the back some day.  That would make a great 'draft'.  It's on my list.  We shall see.

Do you have any ideas?  I'm listening.

The humidity is what makes the house seem hot.  

Keeping cooler is the plan!  

Keep the AC off as long as possible!

Cash in the pocket is what its all about!



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