Saturday, May 9, 2015


Who would have ever thought the word BLOG would be an every day word in our every day lives?  Not me.  But, it is. 
Blogs are fun but blogs are also for profit.  Many make money by having a blog.  I don't.  I would like to say I did but nope.  Not a dime into my checkbook as of this date.
This is a bit of a rant but I'm tired of some blogs. 
Glad you asked.
Because they are like magazines advertisement after another with very little content. 
Think about it. 
The magazines of today are page after page of commercials with very few actual articles.  Yes, I quit buying even Woman's Day and Family Circle, years ago, for that reason.  What's the point? 
Some blogs are the same way!
If it is a source of income to support your family, good for you.  But you would get more people on your blog, linking to it, free advertising to it for you, IF there was more actually IN it.
One word.....BOOOORINNNNG.
Rant over.
Happy Saturday World!

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