Tuesday, August 20, 2013


Today is Tuesday and is suppose to be the day I give a money saving tip.  This one is a bit different but could save you thousands of dollars.

We live one street over from a very tiny creek.  It is probably six feet below a huge bank and is maybe ten inches wide when at it's normal stage.  Recently, our area had a huge rain storm.  It was the kind that had buckets coming down not sprinkles. 

The tiny creek became a raging river, flash flood.  It flooded the street over from us and two more up from us.  Our house is on a slight hill so we have never been threatened. 

Here are the pictures, taken this week, maybe two months after the flash flood.

This is taken from my car window.  The creek is probably six feet below the green grass line.

This picture shows the foliage smashed from the pressure.


This picture shows the debris that washed away after flooding the yard closest to the creek and the one over. 
So, the money saving hint.....never live close to water without being on a hill or stilts or something. 
I wonder if they had flood insurance?  Maybe, maybe not. 

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