Wednesday, July 11, 2012


The other day I came across a blog that had the idea of ridding your life of clutter, aka junk, aka trash, by filing a bag every day for forty days, ending up with forty bags of clutter, aka junk, aka trash, out of your life forever.  

I thought that would be easy to handle, something I could do!  No stress, takes up little time, at the end of forty days, loads of stuff g-o-n-e!

The author made a list of areas to clean or something about a list.  The list did not appeal to me.  So, why not tweak it to fit me.  I did.  

I pulled out a piece of paper from the copier, divided it in half long ways, numbered the page like so:

Bag 1
Bag 2
Bag 3

and so on with 20 on one side of the paper and 20 more down the middle of the page for a total of 

40 bags.

I also had started de-junking that same week so I added the previous junk to the list.  Why?  Because I couldn't get past not counting those two bags that I had donated and because it's my list.  I will do it my way.

Here is my list/accomplishment so far to date:

 Bag 1  -  Donated vintage dishes
 Bag 2  -  Donated clothes
 Bag 3  -  Pantry junk
 Bag 4  -  Bathroom cabinets junk
 Bag 5  -  Frig junk*

*Our SIL should be proud of me.  I removed ALL of the foods that were out of date.  I found one thing that was way too old.  It made me shiver to think that has been in my frig that long!  Ugh!

Later I may post a pic of my list and the clean areas of my house.  It should look and feel so much lighter!

I reserve the right to miss a day or two but this will be an ongoing project!  So, check back and see how it is going.



Dinahsoar said...

Love this idea! When I get back I'm doing it.

Carol said...

It is so very easy to do! I found myself putting off jobs because they were way too big! Any excuse would do for me. This process cuts them all down to size and I'm not stuck in one area all day!

Have a great time!