Wednesday, July 4, 2012


104...that's the temp in Dixie!  We have had days and days of very high temps.  The grass is dying.  We are not watering our grass because of the cost but others are and their grass is dying as well.  

Here are a couple of ideas to try to stay cool.....

Use window darkening shades and curtains, keeping them closed all day and night.  You know you're not making drugs so why does it matter if the neighbors are wondering?  

If your attic stairway is in the garage, open it about 1/3, leave it open, leave the garage door opened slightly.  It will cause a bit of a draft and the hot air in the attic will be pushed out through the vents in the roof.  (posted this before)

Go to WM, look in the auto department.  They sell a seat cushion that has springs in it to keep air circulating through the cushion.  You will arrive with dry clothes not wet from being over heated in spite of AC.  It is less than $9 and so worth it.

Dollar Tree sells those silver heat blockers for the windows of your cars.  I bought one to put on the driver side window.  Because it is flexible, made of cloth, lower the window, slip the folded visor in, raise the window.  The driver side will be so much cooler!

Always put up the folded window visor.  It lowers the temp in your car by many degrees.

Use floor fans and ceiling fans to keep the temp in the house lower to keep the AC from running so much.

Of course, put the thermostat up to about 74 or 75 unless you have company.  You can dress differently when it's just you and The Hubbie.

Drink water, even if you don't like it, drink it.

Wipe off sweat with a clean dry cloth.  You will cool off faster.  Or use a cool cloth.  Both work.

Use natural deodorants without sweat blockers.  It will allow the body to sweat normally.  Sure you need to check it after a few hours and reapply but you will feel better.

Shower in the morning and at night.  Get the sticky off.  You will sleep better and feel better during the day with two showers.

Eat out.  Why heat up the kitchen?  Grin.

One good thing about it being so hot is even though the washer is set on cold water, the water is actually warm.  It comes out of the hot ground so you have warm water without warming it in the water heater.  

So, stay cool.  It is dangerous to get overheated.  You may pass out.  It has happened to me three times now.  I'm taking it slooooow.  I have figured out that it is cooler to wear tops without collars.  The collar will keep heat in the body.  Plus cut your hair shorter to keep hair off your neck, too.  Both are good options to help with body temps or wear it up.

Happy 4th even though it's almost over!  

God Bless America, Please.

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