Tuesday, November 15, 2011


Here's a tip that can save you money! Do you use Breathe Right Strips at night while you sleep? I do. I have sleep apnea but never adjusted to the machine. So, although the strips do not do the same as the machine, a strip does help open the breathing capabilities.

Normally, the strips cost about $12, much less with coupons, and there are 26 to 30 strips per box, depending on the size of the strip itself.

The tip is to cut the strip in half length-wise. You will have two strips! The half strip works just as well for me as the full size double strip, plus is easier to remove in the morning! Turn the half strip downward.

I do take the time to hold the half strip in place on my nose so it will hold better. The 'glue' seems to set better when it has body heat for a few seconds from the hand and the nose.

So, instead of 26 or 30 strips, you have 52 or 60 strips!!!

My idea for living now-a-days is to cut expenses by 50% or use of an item doubled. This tip works for me, try it, if you like.

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