Tuesday, November 1, 2011


As my readers know, we are in the ongoing process of living semi-retired which means on Social Security, semi surviving, ha, no, it's not that bad...okay...it is but we have a bit extra coming in now so we are breathing again. However, I am constantly looking for new ways to cut the expenses.

Here are a few more we have incorporated:

DO buy Smarties and not chocolate....I was at the drugstore, purchasing Halloweenee candy, picked out two bags that were bogo half off, still the two together would have been over $9.00!!...after thinking about it, I put them back and went for one bag of Smarties for $3.99 with 60 in a bag...there were leftovers and are now being saved for the GRAND son.

DO NOT buy refreshments on an outing....if you go to movies, ball games or other events, you know the refreshments can cost an arm and a leg....bring your own and don't buy their stuff....keep your arm and your leg.

DO NOT turn on the heat until Novemeber 1....or there abouts...our heat is still off and may try to make it to 59 degrees inside....all bets are off if the GRANDS come for a visit.

DO find out peak hours for utilities rates...in the process of this one...apparently it may be cheaper to run the household electricity during day time over night time. I will research and report.

DO attend a Dave Ramsey Financial Peace University class...it makes a big difference!

IT'S NOVEMBER ALREADY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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