Tuesday, November 29, 2011


Do you like flavored coffee? The Hubbie does, French Vanilla. I do, too, some. If we make a pot of FV it is so rich, tastes like candy, of course add the milk and (cough) sugar! A small can of FV costs more per ounce than a large can of plain old coffee, much much more if you get plain coffee as the one cent item at Publix. I digress, as usual.

Here's a money saving hint:

If you use 3 scoops of coffee to make a small pot, use 1 scoop of the flavored stuff, like FV, to 2 scoops of the regular stuff. You will get a good taste of the more expensive stuff and stretch it with the cheaper stuff.

Think I'll go make a pot because it is cold in Dixie!

It's all about saving money, honey!

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