Tuesday, April 19, 2011


Today I made a trip to the near by town for several errands....meeting, dry cleaners, lawyer's office, etc. I'm too pooped to pop, whatever that means.

Anywho...a quick stop was made at the JC Penney's Outlet store. I am redoing the house, trying not to buy anything, but found I needed two king size pillows for the shams I am moving from the master to the back bedroom. So, money, required.

I found a two pack of king size pillows marked 9.99, regular price $29.99. I strolled to the checkout, proud of my find. When, to my surprise, the bill totaled just over $7 with tax! Shazam, woohoo, and goodie goodie gum drops. There was a sale on all gray ticketed items. TWO (2) King Sized pillows for about $3.50 each!

There are some days you save money without realizing you're doing it! So try shopping at JCP Outlet Stores for some good deals.

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