Friday, February 11, 2011


They say that time slows down as you get older, really, who said it? Or are we just not there yet?

Computers are great gadgets. I have always viewed my computer with internet connection like a magic carpet, taking me anywhere I wanted to go, learning anything I want to learn, amazing.

If you have filled out any type of form online that requires a year, you've seen the drop down box that has years listed. Click, scroll down to the year you are looking for, click again, year is entered.

The distressing thing, if you think about it, is how fast those years go! Life seems like that, the years seem to go by as fast as they scroll on the computer screen.

Friday, already, again.


dfish said...

My experience is that time goes by faster rather than slower.

Carol said...

Same here. So far that is...

George said...

Very well said. I must be having lots of fun because time is flying by.