Tuesday, November 16, 2010


Here is another tip for cutting back on your expenses. If you are new to this blog, we set out a year ago to cut all of our expenses by 50% in an effort to let The Hubbie slow down and semi-retire. It has happened and we are continuing to work on living well but cheaper.

Longhorn Steakhouse publishes dollar off coupons in the Sunday paper. We used the coupon on a Saturday night for a steak dinner for two. We easily cut the cost of the meal by 50%.

We ordered to go, used the coupon, received a box of hot rolls and a brown bag more than half full of peanuts, along with the steaks and sides. We did not buy drinks, which can be 1.99 to 2.65 for one, two, double the cost. We did not have to leave a tip which can be 10-20 percent, depending on service.

We drove home over 11 miles, the food was still hot and delicious. I ate mine right out of the Styrofoam box. The Hubbie put his on a plate.

The atmosphere was quiet, the company was great, the service was fast and we saved money, with no clean up, only one plate to put in the dishwasher.


dfish said...

The best things are missed by people caught up in being like everyone else. Living without financial stress is living the good life. Too bad people don't understand that.

Carol said...

Boy, you got that one right!