Tuesday, July 11, 2017


Time is moving.  It's moving forward although I seem stuck.

Those that know, say it will get 'better'.  How can something so bad get better?

On the other hand, to me, it seems to be getting harder.  Really?  Yes, really.


Because it has been longer since we last saw you.  Four months and 5 days now.  

This is a happy picture of you and your family.  I am so glad we took family photos that day.

Son, you are missed.  I've decided that I will miss you till the day I die.  

Your sister and brother are a great comfort to me.  You know that though.  

So, what now?  

Trying to balance a negative action/reaction with a positive act.

It's not easy.

I just want to sit and do nothing most days.  


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