Tuesday, March 4, 2014


As you know, I sometimes have trouble sleeping.  I really do not like to take sleep meds because I am sensitive to them and they over do, meaning last too long the next day.
Dinah and I have been discussing the situation.  She sent me to a place that had sleep aids really cheap.  Yep, WM. 
I have been taking, rarely, the new Vicks' Sleep Only over the counter purple pill.  For 12 pills, I think, taking two per night it costs well over $4.00 American per pack, not per pill.  I think the last I paid was $4.47.
Yesterday, I found a  brand called Quality Plus Sleep Aid, Diphenhydramine HCI 50 mg, 8 soft gels. 
The Vicks brand is 25 of the same meds but you take two of their pills.
So, take one pill of the 50 or two of the 25. 
 Do the Math. 
 It's the same thing, the same med only in one pill instead of two.
Now, you are sitting on the edge of your chair, wondering, well, how much was the off brand pill?
$.88 American, less than $1.00 for 8 pills instead of the national advertised brand of 12 pills for OVER $4.00.
You can purchase four times the meds for the same price as one of the national brand.
The cost of the off brand is about 1/4 of the national.
You do realize that you pay for all of that TV advertising, pretty color graphics in the store, the stand alone displays, the special racks, all of it is figured into the cost of a product.
Buy the off brand, pocket the difference.
Thanks, Dinah.

I found a deal!


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