Monday, March 3, 2014


As most of the world knows, last night there was a huge Hollywood gathering.  It is called the Oscars.  It is named that for the little golden statue that is awarded to only a handful of people in this great big world.
Did I watch?  No, never do.  I have a life.
I did skim through some of the pictures of the event on the web this morning.  The story is every where, while the world burns, I might add.
As I skimmed through the pictures I thought, wow, what a waste of time and money!
Millions upon millions of dollars on display in the form of clothes, cars, jewelry, make up and hair. 
It is suppose to be entertaining. 
I think it is a total waste.
Because these same people will rant and rave about providing for the poor, giving the government more control and how stupid the little man is in this country.
I think it's the other way around.
Plus, I've decided one thing.....there are a whole lot of UGLY people in Hollywood that don't know they're UGLY!
Rant over.
Happy Monday to the rest of the world because Hollywood is probably still hung over.

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