Friday, May 3, 2013


This is a new blog that is set up to help teachers with their school projects, lesson plans, BEHAVIOR MANAGEMENT and lots more.  It's a good one for the teacher in training, new teacher, as well as the professional teacher. 
It is written by a teacher that has 18 years of experience and connects to her Teachers Pay Teachers website.
Yeah, I know school is almost out and your mind is on end of year must do-s.  BUT August is going to be here before you know it so go ahead and sign up to follow this great new blog.  You will be the first to know of the freebies, sales, added items, all the latest.
So, sign up, for sure.  It will save trying to find it later, aka eliminate stress making summer a bit more fun!   If you know of a teacher, pass the link on, please.
Have a Happy Summer!!!



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