Wednesday, May 29, 2013


If you are a person that sews, you know how expensive it is to buy fabric these days.  Plus the cost of patterns, thread, zippers, all of it.
Well, I have found a way to save some money and still have fabric.  I buy ready made clothes in a larger size and use that fabric but cutting it to the size I need! 
I have not paid full price for a pattern in years and years.  I always wait fo the dollar sale and stock up at that time.  Why pay $15 for one pattern?!  Don't, ever!.
For zippers, you can cut them out of clothes you no longer wear or buy used clothes for pennies and use the zippers from those pieces.
Yesterday, I purchased a heavy skirt, washable, that I can cut a pair of pjs or a jacket for one of the grands and make it.  Total cost?  $1.00. 
Think I'll go back and pick up a couple other things that I can remake. 

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