Saturday, January 19, 2013


I broke my dumb toe.  It was a freak thing.  The Hubbie was standing in the doorway to the guest room at our Daughter's house.  We were talking.  I stepped across in front of him.  When I did, the little toe on my left foot, caught the top of his loafer and it went 'crack'.  When I put the foot down, the poor little toe was laying sideways and to the left of the foot.  Yeah, hard to picture and hard to describe.  

My SIL took me to the local doc in a box where an x-ray was done to show that it was indeed broken.  The doc said because it was a little toe, to tape it to the next toe would be worse than letting it heal on it's own.  Yeah, 6 weeks of ouchie, hobbling around but it is what it is.

Here are some things that have happened since this broken toe thing occurred:

1 - Yes, I have stumped it one time.  No, Baptist cursing did not occur but it was a thought.  Whaaaa

2 - Yes, I dropped a bar of soap on it in the shower.  Yelling and moaning followed.

3 - Wearing slippers to the grocery store did happen, as well as, dragging the poor little toe to keep it from hurting worse.  

4 - I've discovered that the only time it really hurts is when I have to lift it off the floor.  Sliding is a new talent.

Pretty good stats, I suppose.  It's the first broken bone in my life, almost 65 years.  Life is life is life and sometimes broken toes happen.  Ugh, ugh and ugh.



Donald Fishgrab said...

Sorry to hear it. they can sure be and aggravation,

Dinahsoar said...

Sorry--but you made me laugh out loud. I know it hurts but reading about it and picturing it...tickled my funny bone.

Carol said...

Thanks to both of you. I am on the mend!