Saturday, October 6, 2012


As one ages, things start to go, physically, mentally and emotionally.  For instance, the last post I made may have been posted earlier and I flat out forgot.  Oh well, I'm working towards 65, have outlived both of my parents and am not getting any younger, give me some space.  Grin.

I was surfing the web while The Hubbie was on his treadmill.  Yes, I was walking on the boring, big snooze machine, but when my foot became infected after an in office procedure, I have taken a break from it.

So, enough for excuses.

Back to the point about surfing the web.  I actually Googled my full name.  Boy, does the web have it wrong on me but that's fine.

I kept clicking the largest numbered page below the Google at the bottom of the page when I found this webpage:

You may have to copy and paste because it may not be live once I post.

I watched it for a bit, stopping the spinning as I waited.  It is so very shocking how many UNDER the age of 30 are listed on the spinning, 24/7 wall.

Sure, I get down, depressed, vertically flattened but this site is so much more than a bad day.  It is about real humans who chose death over living, who quit breathing by their choice, who have left a hole in the heart of their families and friends.

It brought me to this question:

Is suicide selfish?

I hope no one is considering this way out of a bad situation.  There is always hope.  There is always help.  Don't give up the only life you have, or ever will have, because it is overwhelming.  
Once you do it, there is no coming back, ever.  
There are people that love you and you can learn to love yourself.

IF the situation is bad, work on getting out of it, start today and live for one more year.  Look at life at the end of that year but don't take the path of suicide.  It really isn't the only answer.

Why am I saying all this?  I don't know.



dfish said...

Unfortunately many people don't realize that our lives and our happiness are our own responsibility. In identical situations, one person will choose to be depressed while another chooses to hope. As long as we tell people it is not their responsibility, they will not take action to correct the problem.

Carol said...

When a person chooses this way out, they must surely be at the depths of helplessness.

You're right. The choice is one or the other.

Christ gives hope in all situations.