Monday, October 1, 2012


I'm up and should be in bed sawing logs.  Not sure why I am not sleeping tonight, just happens ever so often now instead of night after night of no sleep.

Any wwhhhoooo, I was cleaning out the notepad on my laptop and found this blog post that was never posted, no time, no date, just words.  Here it is:

Saving money is a main focus for me and for this blog.  I am constantly looking for ways to economize.  Here is a typical day in the life of a Sr Citizen living on a budget.

I do have specific days that I try to accomplish specific tasks.  Grocery shopping and errands in the nearby bigger town usually take most of one day.  This is how I saved some money on one of those days.

Had breakfast at Hardee's, one plain biscuit, one medium Diet Coke, light ice......
          Didn't buy a biscuit with any 'toppings', only bought one, didn't buy the large size drink; medium is only $1.  I eat for $2.06.

Bought new undies from the local Ross store.....not at a department store is the point...
Also splurged and bought a 'lifetime mildew repellent shower curtain" only 5.99
          Normallly I just cut the old one down and put up a new one.  If this works, it will be a long time before I buy another one instead of one about every 3 months.

Lost my oversized, fit over the eyeglasses, sunglasses.....
          Checked the three places I had been the day before, finding them on the counter of the thrift store, claimed them, left with them on my nose.  Saved $10 for a new pair.

Shopped Publix
          Only bought the BOGO free items this trip and Hebrew National Hotdogs that were on sale, too.  Also get the old lady discount!

Lunch I wasn't that hungry but it was getting late and needed to refuel the body
          Drove thru local Zaxby's, used my happy birthday card for a free mini sandwich, splurged and bought the LARGE Diet Coke.  Lunch: $1.92.

Stopped at Staples.....
          Purchased a new coupon like file for our Dave Ramsey budget.  (We used the enveloped for several months, writing in pencil the erasing but the envelopes started falling apart, didn't want to spend $10 on refill)  Regular price was $4.95 plus tax.  Today, back to school sale:  $2.09.

Skyped the Daughter......
          No minutes used on the cell phone.

The rest of the day was spent at home, sweeping, moping, cleaning the bathrooms, slowly, pacing myself of course......

          No shopping, no money spent!  Money in is money in not money out.

Yeah, I even cooked supper.....
          Stir-fry beef with brocolli and water chestnuts on white rice, all from the pantry.

Sometimes you have to look at saving money as NOT spending money, which means it is in your pocket not in the store's cash register.   Better still, NOT spending money you don't have!

Think about it then do it.


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