Friday, March 16, 2012


Interesting week, I had, I did. Training continues for the job, accomplishment and frustration were both on the list. The body is tired, needless to say, the back is aching, mouth is whining.

However, it is Friday!! Friday is usually a pretty good day, every week, all the time.

Years ago, The Hubbie's day off was on Friday. We went to Hardee's for a biscuit, ate at the local cafeteria, a yum plate of veggies for about $2 each, (go back and read the first two words in this paragraph), then homemade pizza for supper, Rice Krispies for dessert. It was 'my' day off, too. No laundry done, little cooking, very few dishes to manage. You get the idea.

Having a day off may not be possible for most people these days because it is so expensive to eat out or there are multiple 'babies' to care for daily, etc. So, the idea is to make the day less stressful and less of what you do on a normal day. It can be a mini vacation even. Take it as far as you can in order to save your sanity, as well as the body.

Here are some ideas:

Do not answer the phone all day. If it is family, work out a code or buy an answering machine. This includes cell phone calls.
Plan the off day as a go to the park day even if you don't go to the park, get out of the house.
Block off time or it will not happen. Make an appointment with the family. No one needs to know it is not for the doc or dentist. You have an appointment, period.
Crockpot something.
Save change from dollars, cash it in to have a fun day, free fun, kinda.
Walk together. Even if it is raining.
Play a game, board or outdoor. 
Turn off the tv.
If he doesn't know how, teach husband to iron his own shirts. Oops, did I say that?  Mine does and has for years.
Movie nights are fun, popcorn, eatten while sitting on the floor on a blanket.

Think about it. Is there a way to have a less stress day in order to make your life easier, better, more fun? It is so worth trying!

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