Thursday, February 26, 2009

Spring is Coming

The sun is out, bright and shiny. The daffodils are blooming. Spring is on the way. Spring is the best time of the year. I am glad I live in the South where there is little, if any, ice to deal with in the winter. I love snow but hate the ice that comes with it. Spring makes the air seem cleaner and everything is new again.

It's time to think about doing things different in life. This brings me to fingernails.

I have paper thin, soft fingernails. I love the look of artificial nails but since my nails are so thin, the beauty shop nails are very destructive to my real nails.

I found a product that is working pretty great. The name of it is Pink Sticker Nails petite sizes for small hands. The glue is already on the nail. There are 24 ! press on nails. Amazingly, these temporary nails have lasted two weeks for me!!! Other temporary nails only last a day or two. Really, no joke. Of course you have to use the same precautions as with the beauty shop nails but these are so cheap!!

At WM, only 3.50 +/- ; at Walgreen's 4.99. The cost....$91.00 PER YEAR +/-.

Beauty shop nails average $30 every two weeks if you are a faithful user or $780.00 a year!!

I know this varies from lady to lady and shop to shop but I'm using general numbers for the sake of simplicity.

Are you ready for this? TADA, that's a savings of $680.00 per year!!!!

I love my nails and I love the price!! I can afford this price!! IF I want the nails off, I use a drop of polish remover, the glue melts and the nail is off. No pain.

If you try this, be sure and trim your real nails all the same length because they will grow out to be the same length. Prep the nail by using a polish remover to clean any lotions or other things that might prevent the nail from sticking.

Give it a try. Save the extra nails, of course, and save the nails that you do not use from other packages. I leave them in the same plastic so the glue will be fresh.

I feel fancy and it's cheap.


Dinah Soar said...

Thanks for the tip...I'm going to have to check them nails are thin the way they look with just a simple manicure and clear polish..but that's a lot to spend even at 10 bucks a pop..and I tried doing it myself..didn't look good and didn't last..the professional manicure looked nice for 10 visit to Walmart I think I'll pick up a set...

Pink Bunny Slippers said...

Sure. I like them.