Saturday, February 28, 2009

Saturday Doings .... Dejunking My Life

It's Saturday again. I honestly do not know where my days go. Since the nest is empty you would think I had tons of time on my hands. Maybe I spend too much time on this computer, yep, that's it.

My goal for this year was to 'get rid of' half of the stuff I own.

Mostly by giving special things to special people.

Another way is by sharing my things with a local thrift store here in town that operates on donations and what the store makes from the sale of the donations. I do not get a tax break but it's still good to take a bag full of things into the store that is not junk.

Passing things on to the kiddos. Since the last one is still in college and will need several things, I am saving certain items that will help set up his first apartment in about a year or so.

I am also selling some things on Ebay although I lost money with my last listings. Those darn fees. Everything I sell online goes to help my son pay his college expenses. I think I need to start a charity. Sigh.

I love doing crafts so my next project will be to open my craft store on Esty. This goal will use up supplies that I have had for years in hopes of creating 'someday'.

I went through my shoe stash. I disposed of shoes that are too beat up to wear. I donated shoes that are not comfortable.

I have posted 100 of my antique & vintage books on craigslist. I am selling 100 antique books for an offer. No takers yet.

Lastly, I am throwing away stuff that is broken, dried up, or cracked.

Dejunking is very freeing.

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