Wednesday, January 14, 2009


I am listening to the radio.

Several things on it are very wrong.

Did you know there is a senator that is submitting a bill to abolish the 22nd amendment to the US Constitution?

What is it?

The one that says a president can only serve two terms.

This will make Obama president for life or for as long as he wants.

Also that he has so much conflict of interests on his cabinet appointments! HILLARY is okay now? Since when?

He has one man that has not paid taxes for years and we are suppose to believe it's a hiccup?

Are you mad yet?


Dinah Soar said...

Wouldn't Obama still have to run and be elected? in every 4 years which is the length of a term of office.

The upside to not having term limitations is if you get a really good president you don't have to give him up after 8 years/2 terms--- if the people re-elect him.

Hitler got to be dictator from what I understand by asking the German gov't to suspend all their laws, and declare in effect marshall law in the name of protecting the country from Communist terrorists.

Repealing the 22nd ammendmendt would not repeal our Constitution.

Pink Bunny Slippers said...

Yes, but if the Mayor of the largest city in the country can do it, no one relly stop or object, so can the president. If we are attacked again, marshall law will be imposed and there it the name of protecting the country.