Monday, July 6, 2015


What a week we have had!  The Hubbie was in the hospital and The Older Son still is.  Too much at one time, oh yes. 

So, when I had a chance to sit down to my 10 year old laptop, HP, I might add.  The battery was dead as a door nail.  I put it in hibernate and forgot about it as I rushed out the door to take The Hubbie to the far away hospital.   After attempting to charge the 8 hour, 8 year old battery, I gave up.  

Then it dawned on me.

Take out the battery and plug in the laptop with the chord.

It worked!  Obviously.

Now, I have time to seek out a coupon, wait for a sale, or shop around.  I'm learning towards Battery Plus.  It is where the last one came from and was reasonable.  

Or just use it as a plug in the wall version, not buying a battery at all. 

No panic.

Save a buck or several is the goal!


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