Tuesday, November 4, 2014


Here it is Tuesday and it's been a long time since I've posted a money saving tip.  Today is the day.
As I have posted before, we no longer have a huge cell phone bill.  We were paying $80 for 3 lines with limits. 
One day, through his Dad's asking, we went on the oldest son's family plan.  It immediately started saving us money, real money.
Well, we both had stupid phones for several years. 
Now, moving into the modern world, we now have smart phones.  We purchased the phone, stayed on the son's family plan and are still paying $10 per month for both lines!  We have unlimited data, text, etc.  The plan is thru T-Mobile.  There are four lines for $100 per month.  The older son continues to pay the amount he was and we continue paying the $10 but now we ALL have up to date phones with all the bells, whistles and apps.
I love using some of the FREE apps on my new Android.  My new favorite is loseit dot com.  It is a weight losing app and it is FREE. 
I was pretty desperate about losing weight.  Health problems were happening, a trip to the cardiologist was eye opening and knee pain.
I was so desperate I was considering going to Weight Watchers even!  Yes, I am a lifer.  When I went I paid $4 per week.  When I became a lifer, it dropped down to $3 per week.  So, the current cost of $13 per class was out of my budget, way, way, out.
I download this FREE app from loseit dot com, use it every day and am now on my way back to finding me.  Saving over $600 per year in Weight Watchers dues!

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