Tuesday, June 24, 2014


I cannot believe how much it costs now to eat lunch.  Around these parts, it is between $7.00 and $10.00 or more.  Insane, I say.
I found a way that is cheaper and also better for you.
I go to the local WM deli counter.  I order 4 or 5 of the spicy chicken nuggets with sesame seeds and one large spoon of broccoli salad.  Then, I swing by the cooler with the bottled ice tea and grab one.  I eat well for less than $4.00!  There are plastic spoons and forks at the deli but never napkins so I use a few from my in purse stash.
True, there are zero tables and chairs at our local WM so I head to the shoe department and enjoy the comfy ottomans while I eat.  People walk by and stare but I act like I don't see them.  I am busy with my to do list or grocery list.  Yeah, I fake it if necessary.   There appear to be store detectives scoping me out, too.  I calmly eat, reseal my empty containers, place them in the buggy and pay for them along with all of my other items.
Truthfully, it keeps me from stopping at the candy bars or the chips so handily placed at the checkouts.   I exit with a satisfied tummy and money in my pocket.
Win, win, y'all.


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