Friday, May 20, 2011


It's hot in Dixie, yet again. The temp will be in the 90s today and tomorrow, probably only going higher for the next several weeks. I love living in Dixie but I do hate the hot.

Hubbie's job is still nixed but the wife, me, is trying to get over it. Don't think it's going so good. 64 and unemployed......

Today, the errands were CVS, drive thru Hardee's for a biscuit and Diet Coke, Lowe's for window screens, which they do not sell, only sell screen kits so you can make your own. WHAT?!! Don't think so! The big WM for a few things for the house and cereal.

Spent several minutes searching the web for jobs open in the area, not much here. Time will tell.

I truly hope that Huntsville does not end up Detroit Jr. The president has handed the Space Program to the Russians, this Shuttle has taken it's last flight to the Space Station and people are looking for jobs outside the space industry. Houses are up for sale, some for quite a while now.

There is a silver lining to every cloud.....somewhere.


dfish said...

The silver lining is that it's just a temporary problem, even if it drags on for the rest of your life. Eternity isn't far away.

Carol said...

True but it's no fun dealing with some things in the temporary.